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Our Inspiration Late Prof. Qamrul Haque

Qamrul Sir — that is how he was known in Barak Valley in his time and is remembered even today as a great educationist, who devoted his life and energies to raise the standard of education in greater Barak Valley……

Qamrul Sir was a true representative of our composite culture. Among the educationists of our time Qamrul Sir was among those educationists who could see the reality without any personal interest and ambition. His contribution to the development of modern education in Patharkandi is invaluable. During the early stages of his career he realized that development could not come through the narrow gates of politics but through reformative education. That is why in his initial career he carefully kept himself away from active politics and instead devoted himself to the field of education. God gracious, there is a proverb “things happen when it is destined to be”, politics was in his destiny, perhaps it was because of politics we lost a great visionary and it is because of politics, that the cause of his untimely demise has still remained a mystery.

Born into a cultured family, Qamrul Sir by nature was simple and deeply religious. Essentially a humanist with a broad vision, he did not let his Islamic approach fall into narrow grooves but made it a happy meeting ground for everyone. A true representative of unity, culture, his entire life was spent in service to the cause of education and the values of secularism was a symbol of perfection, a rare combination of wisdom, knowledge, practicability and refinement of personality. Men like Qamrul Sir are rarely born.

Qamrul sir was deeply rooted in the culture of Islam and wanted to promote it through the institutions under his control. But he made it clear that there was nothing communal in the approach.

What attracted everybody towards Qamrul sir was his essential humanity combined with, a gentle, courteous behaviour especially towards those who occupied an inferior social, political and economic status. For this reason he was acknowledged as the master by all sections of people, with firm faith in the ideals of secularism and democracy. Qamrul sir rendered valuable service to the society and worked for the preparation of higher ideals of life.

Qamrul sir was compassionate and benevolent. He wanted that everyone should study and earn a living. “Perhaps that is why he started building schools first and then colleges. His motto was to give the community a very strong educational foundation. In his short span of life he managed to establish a chain of educational institutions and opened up avenues for higher education for the people of Barak Valley. His services to the cause of Barak Valley and education can never be forgotten. He launched a number of projects in the social sector by mobilizing local communities and empowering them.

On his own part, he made bold experiments for the development of rural education and Islamic culture. With courage of conviction, high intellectual caliber and moral character, Qamrul sir made his place among the modern thinkers of our time.

We remember him as a dedicated teacher and his knack of making difficult problems in mathematics, English and history understandable and easy to follow, especially to those students who found it difficult to grasp mathematics. It was for this reason that students flocked to be tutored by him including some who later became government officials and executives of big corporate houses. His tall figure, white attire and beautiful English lecture still linger in our mind. One among his famous proverb was “learn well today you will earn tomorrow, remember that very word earn is built-in in learn” and learn English language today and will rule the world tomorrow. These golden words are still encouraging many budding youths who are studying in vernacular medium schools in our rural areas to learn well and acquire working knowledge of spoken English from early school days.

Just before his death, he came to Mumbai for collection of fund for Patharkandi College where he met owners and representatives of business houses mainly form Agar industries, in his usual impressive style he made a very touching appeal and was able to garner very good support from the members present there for the college. His suited to the occasion presentation and influential English language has not only helped him to obtain much needed financial support but also helped to modify accepted wisdom of employers in Mumbai to treat manpower from Assam at par and greatly contributed to craft the image that boys from Assam can speak English and can deliver if given a chance.

A unique personality Qamrul sir was probably carved out of the material of which seasoned teachers are made,” Myself, and the rest of my maiden batch classmates are indeed very fortunate to have enjoyed his company till the very end. Every moment spent with him is cherished and treasured.

Almost 27 years ago he embarked upon the pursuit of excellence, started establishing schools and colleges, it was a dream then, today the dream he dreamt is a glorious reality. Today all institutions he has established are united in pursuit of perfection, regardless of the service they are in especially Patharkandi College taking the flag to a newer height.

It was his dream to see Per school per teacher at least one first division, to encourage students to pursue science stream, to encourage guardian / students to study in Sainik Schools, Novadayas and Kendriya Vidyalayas, to encourage students to acquire working knowledge of spoken English, basic computer knowledge and their all round development, he was keen to focus on a very neglected areas like Physical and sports education in schools.

Now If we all can implement these in our respective areas, it will be a great tribute to him. It is surely our duty to keep those qualities alive and so manage its education that the legacies of its past are transmitted to future generations.”

He left an unforgettable imprint on all whom he came across and I can say with great pride that even after his passing away, he has left a legacy that will remain till the end of times. He would be remembered as a strong willed man who didn’t believe in boundaries when it came to education.

May Almighty rest his soul in peace in Heaven and let the society follow his steps towards his dreams of an educated society.