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It is notified for general information to all the students that in consideration of the current COVID-19 PANDEMIC SITUATION, the last date of admission into B.A. 1st Semester (1st Phase) has been extended upto 24.07.2020. Besides, the witheld students of 1st Phase are also hereby asked to communicate with the college office on or before 24.07.2020....

From the desk of principal

The object of education is the pursuit of excellence, not only in the curricular activities but also in almost all aspects of development of young personality.

This college is imparting value education with academic excellence. The real education must enable a person to discriminate between light and darkness. It must foster and promote the precious wealth of moral strength and spiritual victory and purify the inner impulses of mankind. The modern education system develops the intellect and skills but does little to develop the values, character being the most important of all.

Our college is student-focused and learner-centered institution in the foothills of Rajbari. The College values student learning, critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, and an understanding of a globally-oriented world.

Through intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual development, Pkd College seeks to provide students with skills and strengths they will need in their roles as citizens, friends, parents, community leaders, employers, employees, teachers, and caring individuals.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the hard work and efforts of all the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff members who have worked tirelessly with passion and commitment which has helped us to realize our goals.

I wish you success as you work towards your future.