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To empower a cross-section of the society to attain community and social development through Education based on sound value system.


To impart qualitative and valuable service to all those who need it the most. To aim at overall personality development of the students through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


To prepare young and competent graduates capable of finding employment and making a positive contribution to society. To provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that would equip them to cope with emerging changes in their lives and society.


1. To provide strong basis for learning.

2. To train and guide young students to excel and develop a spirit of competition.

3. To provide opportunities for the development of skills, capabilities and talents.

4. To promote excellence in the students through

a. Participation in inter-disciplinary activities.

b. Participation in Seminars, Workshops, Debates, Group Discussions, etc. at the collegiate and inter- collegiate     level.

c. Exposure to eminent and distinguished persons in different fields to through talks and programmes.

5. To promote- Regularity, Punctuality, Discipline.


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