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About Patharkandi College

Established in 1990, Patharkandi College is one of the leading Colleges of southern Assam, imparting education in Arts. Situated on the foothills of Rajbari, Patharkandi near Indo- Bangladesh Border, the College is playing a significant role for last two and half decades

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Our Inspiration Late Prof. Qamrul Haque

Qamrul Sir — that is how he was known in Barak Valley in his time and is remembered even today as a great educationist, who devoted his life and energies to raise the standard of education in greater Barak Valley……

Qamrul Sir was a true representative of our composite culture. Among the educationists of our time Qamrul Sir was among those educationists who could see the reality without any personal interest and ambition. His contribution to the development of modern education in Patharkandi is invaluable. During the early stages of his career he realized that development could not come through the narrow gates of politics but through reformative education. That is why in his initial career he carefully kept himself away from active politics and instead devoted himself to the field of education. God gracious, there is a proverb “things happen when it is destined to be”, politics was in his destiny, perhaps it was because of politics we lost a great visionary and it is because of politics, that the cause of his untimely demise has still remained a mystery.

Born into a cultured family, Qamrul Sir by nature was simple and deeply religious. Essentially a humanist with a broad vision, he did not let his Islamic approach fall into narrow grooves but made it a happy meeting ground for everyone. A true representative of unity, culture, his entire life was spent in service to the cause of education and the values of secularism was a symbol of perfection, a rare combination of wisdom, knowledge, practicability and refinement of personality. Men like Qamrul Sir are rarely born.

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